How to use Magpie Begone with Apple Watch

  1. Before setting off for a walk/ride in an area of magpie activity, open the Magpie Begone app on your iPhone so that the special sound starts playing.iPhone AirPlay controls for using Magpie Begone with Bluetooth speakers
  2. Connect to Bluetooth speakers using the AirPlay control at the bottom of the screen (if desired).iPhone AirPlay controls for using Magpie Begone with Bluetooth speakers
  3. Press the sleep/wake button on your iPhone to send it to sleep.Sleep/Wake button location on iPhone 5 and iPhone 6
  4. Swipe up from the watchface on your Apple Watch to reveal your glances, then swipe left/right to find the Music glance.Music glance on Apple Watch, playing Magpie Begone sound
  5. Spin the Digital Crown to turn the volume of your iPhone (or Bluetooth speakers) up or down as needed.Using Apple Watch digital crown to control Magpie Begone volume

Following this procedure allows you to lower the volume of the special bird sound while in areas free from magpies, then easily raise the volume when approaching known magpie locations.


Swooping magpies are dangerous.

Magpie taking off and flying towards camera

They can scratch heads, dislodge eyes and knock over small children.

Magpie walking along a roadside

But we can't really be angry with them — they're just trying to protect their eggs and chicks.

Magpie standing on grass

Magpie Begone is a mobile application for iOS and Android that emits a harmless magpie-repelling sound. Just launch the app and the sound starts playing. Exit the app and the sound stops. Too easy!

Magpie Begone app pulsating sound at magpie

We can't guarantee that this app will work on all magpies or in all circumstances, but we have tested it on magpies in the Gippsland region of Victoria and it really has made a noticeable difference.

For best results, set your volume to maximum and use external Bluetooth speakers.

Please do not use this app as your sole form of magpie protection. Magpies may still swoop, so take precautions when travelling through areas of known magpie activity. Sunglasses, helmets and umbrellas continue to be very valuable tools to prevent injury from magpie attacks. This app is just another tool that may assist to keep you safe.

Download Magpie Begone on the App Store      Magpie Begone Android app available on Google Play

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